Scrum Metrics from Rapid Scrum

For those of you who use Scrum this is just delightful, however its is not hard to take the approach he is using beyond just scrum o monitor real progress on real product no matter what model your using.  For example you could use some of these techniques to look at a water fall team and ask where time is spent, is it no the highest priority deliverable, same for RUP, AUP or any other model.


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Richard Branson – 5 brainstorming tips

Richard Branson – 5 brainstorming tips

Mr Branson does not say anything innovative here but there are town things they sand out, two things others forget but are home truths.

First you want to think outside the box ensure you don’t get in one in the first place, this is much harder than it sounds and can be challenging but is often the key to really great idea. 

Second, define the problem and not the solution, this can be challenging too, this is part of the box problem people run towards the nearest solution they can find, thus putting themselves deep into the box. Use 5 whys and various other techniques to define the problem, then take a bread and go for crazy ideas. 6 thinking hats and think pack are helpful here.


5 Ways to Begin Designing Your Life in 2013

To me this advice belongs and any design effort, there seems to be a constant pursuit of the absolute and everyone seems to be trying to find some sort of mathematical perfection. Seeking perfection or the absolute all the time seems to me to destroy the space needed for innovation. Once in stone evolution becomes hard or usually stops. Keeping in a prototyping mind sets allows you to continuous improve what you have. There is nothing wrong with letting a prototype into the world when its ready. Take the risk set if free when its still malleable  and you find build a great product.


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