Scrum Master Interview Question #2

scrum-masterYou have a new team member, and in sprint planning he says, “We have  5 stories lets take a story each for this sprint”. What are the key points from the conversation you would have with him.


  1. Depending if you have any form of pairing going on?
    But that sounds pretty waterfall, and not very collaborative
    How about asking them who should have each story and why this way?
    Then lead them to… Working with the team on getting started on the most valuable / complex / dependent stories first.

    1. You have given me a great idea for another interview question. I agree with your final line, I would expect the interviewee to say the whole team (where possible) should be working on the highest priority story (most valuable/complex/dependent). Only when no more work can be done on that story do we move to the next highest. Want a job ?

      1. Yes, I need a job, see Linkedin email today!!

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