Be a Constructive Irritant


I am an agent of change, my job is move peoples world view, I do this by being a Constructive Irritant. 

This is what Dr. John Izzo says what you need to be as a Constructive Irritant. 

Here are some ways to be a constructive irritant.

  • Punch above your weight or formal position. Be creative and generate new ideas for products and innovations even it’s not your job description. Win customers for life even if it’s not your department, and generally go bigger than whatever your role says you MUST do.
  • Don’t complain, Bring Solutions! When you see a problem, bring it into the light and offer solutions. And when you hear others complaining, make a constructive comment to change the atmosphere.
  • State your intention. Write down how you want to change your workplace. Look for ways to influence in the direction of that intention all day long. Say things like “I am raising this issue because I care about this organization and our success.”
  • Never finger point. Take Responsibility. When you raise an issue say here is how I have contributed or here is what I can do to solve this. Begin with yourself.
  • Debate Up, Advocate Down. With your peers and those above you be known as someone who challenges things in a constructive way. To those who report to you always be a team player supporting decisions made by those above you.

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